Welcome to Your First Year Experience


Meet Your Freshman Advisors

The freshman advisors are to help you be successful. They are your partner in success. They help you select and stay on your degree plan, and connect you to important resources! 

Remove Barriers to Enrollment

Transcripts, TSI, Meningitis, oh my! Getting through important paperwork and processes can be overwhelming.


Our first time freshman website is here to help with that!

Get Your Schedule

Starting May 1st you can request a schedule from an advisor who will contact you to create your schedule. 

REMEMBER: To get a schedule your TSI scores and proof of Meningitis Vaccination should be submitted.

First Year 

Enrollment Experience

Your TSU experience begins with a team of advisors dedicated to getting you ready for a successful freshman year. 


These advisors plan our First Year Information Nights, opportunities for you and your family to come out and get the help you need.  


Intentional Support

Ongoing Updates

Advisement & Registration

Removing Enrollment Barriers

What can you expect?