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As a college student you need access to quality resources that you put first and get you prepared to achieve your academic goals. Our tutorial services, new writing center, and academic programming can help you with everything from testing anxiety to understanding classroom content. ​ Learn more. 



Your Student Academic Support Services (SASS) Office isn't just for students. Let us partner with you to promote academic preparedness in your classroom, build your student's academic skill-set, and provide your students with the resources they need to foster confidence in their ability to be successful. Learn More. 



Join us for monthly workshops, lunch & learns, and academic sessions wheres we discuss time management, testing anxiety, note-taking skills, school-life balance, and more. These events are an opportunity to meet new people and have some fun while learning information that can put you ahead of the class. Link Here.



The Student Academic Support Services (SASS) Department provides student-centered services and activities that actively support Texas Southern Universities mission to provide innovative programs to the diverse students it serves.


SASS promotes the development of the whole student - academically, intellectually, and socially. They offer a comprehensive set of opportunities and strategic interventions that are designed to improve retention and educational outcomes at TSU.

Through SASS, students can utilize a network of academic services, have access to supportive and experienced advisors, and participate in activities designed to assist them in strengthening their academic skill set and become job ready.


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